Life-saving Training Conducted at Orion

When seconds count, Orion Protective Services’ security officers have the training necessary to step forward and save lives and that is by design. During the onboarding process, Account Manager and in-house instructor Amanda Carlson not only teaches new officers First Aid, but also Adult, Child and Infant CPR and how to use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

“You never know when life-saving skills might be needed–it could happen in the workplace, at a family gathering or even when you go to the mall,” Carlson said. “Learning CPR is extremely important. As each minute goes by when someone is not breathing, the odds of survival decrease,” she said. Response times for medical personnel vary and having personnel ready to respond before they arrive on the scene can make a critical difference. “Breaths and chest compressions can save someone’s life,” she stated.

Carlson was certified by the American Safety and Health Institute (ASHI) to provide instruction in CPR, First Aid and AED and has been teaching classes since 2018. Carlson estimates that she has taught these essential skills to over two hundred security personnel. To help them get the most out of these sessions, she makes sure that the security officers in training are engaged throughout the coursework. “My classes include lots of hands-on participation and they are very interactive,” she said.

Carlson also makes sure that they understand the gravity of what is being taught to them. She often shares experiences she went through while serving as a Military Police Officer in the US Army for eight years. “Within my military career, I faced emergencies in real-life situations-tourniquets, epi-pens, open chest wounds…so I engage the audience with my combat-related experience. The material can be dry at times, but this drives home the importance of their role as Orion security professionals. That way if an emergency happens, they are more prepared to respond,” she said.

The firm’s training program sets the stage for officers to enter the workforce prepared and equipped to take on any challenge that comes their way. “As Orion grows and the types of businesses we cover diversifies, one thing remains constant-all Orion client service locations involve not just buildings and property but also people. If an emergency arises and our security officers are on duty, the public is going to look to us for help and with the training they receive, our officers are ready,” Carlson said.