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Our Security Officers are trained in emergency response protocols and can effectively manage any situation that may arise. While patrolling your facilities, we deter potential threats and ensure that all safety regulations are followed to maintain a safe environment for your tenants, staff and visitors.

We understand the importance of maintaining strong relationships with law enforcement agencies. Our security team will collaborate with local authorities to ensure quick and effective response if security incidents or emergencies arise.

  • Security guards provide Access and Exit Control to ensure the highest level of security at the precise point where businesses can be the most vulnerable  
  • Uniformed and/or Plainclothes Operations are available to address a wide variety of security needs  
  • Our highly trained team can provide Administration of Card Access Systems, Badge Inspections and Badge Challenge Programs 
  • Our experienced, licensed and insured security guards drive company cars for Vehicle Patrol Services to ensure the highest levels of security and efficiency at your business location(s)
  • We can provide 24/7 Command Center Operations or 24/7 Supervisory Roving Motor Patrol as the need for security never sleeps

Customized Security Solutions

Day or Night Availability - Serving Connecticut and Massachusetts

  • Fully Licensed & Insured
  • 24/7 Live Support
  • On Site in 60 Minutes or Less
  • Meticulous Hiring & Selection Process
  • Robust Training Program
  • Veteran Owned Small Business

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Extensive Screening & Ongoing Training

Over a decade ago, our company was built on the premise that while many companies simply use security presence to deter crimes and a “one size fits all” approach, true and lasting security is built on a strong foundation, with professionally designed, customized plans, complete visibility, advanced technologies, and an experienced and knowledgeable security staff.

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