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Working partnerships create a strong bond and resilient security strategies.

Our management philosophy is one of partnership – both with our clients and Orion’s personnel – which has guided us to a convincing record of successful contract management. Maintaining a successful partnership requires a commitment of time from all parties to learn each other’s business objectives and the specific security challenges it faces. It also requires the will to work closely together to achieve common goals, and frequent and candid communication to help ensure all parties remain well-attuned to each other’s objectives. 

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Orion Protective Services has established an untarnished record of service with local clientele who continue to enlist our company, year after year, for their security needs. Clients can depend on the services of our well-trained, courteous, and professional officers, management and support staff who consider their best interests, security and safety above all else.

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Our company was built on the premise that while many companies simply use security presence to deter crimes and a “one size fits all” approach, true and lasting security is built on a strong foundation, with professionally designed, customized plans, complete visibility, advanced technologies, and an experienced and knowledgeable security staff.

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