A Sampling of Our Services



  • Officers inspect your premises, check all access points and monitor vehicles and individuals coming on site
  • Trust our highly trained officers to make sure your construction site and equipment is safe and secure 
  • Procedures can be set up to inspect all access points and fenced in areas
  • Observations are logged for future reference

Patrol Services


  • Security Officers are available to protect your business and secure your property
  • Vehicle patrol
  • Our patrol services are customized to meet your unique needs 
  • Patrol officers can lock and unlock facilities, conduct drive-by security checks, provide after-hours security escorts, and respond to alarms 
  • Officers deter trespassers on your property 

Security Services, Alarm Response


  • Visitor management/lobby presence
  • Armed and Unarmed security professionals
  • Physical security consulting
  • Threat awareness and situational intelligence
  • Specialized industry training
  • Executive protection
  • Bilingual Officers and Supervisors
  • Undercover Plain Clothes
  • CCTV/Video Surveillance
  • Officers inspect your premsies, check all access points and set your alarm to provide you with peace of mind
  • Using private security officers to lock up and set your alarm can lower your liability risk and may even reduce your business insurance premiums

Concierge Services


  • Concierge Staff observe and document traffic in and out of buildings
  • Provide emergency assistance and handle a range of related security functions
  • Officers have superior communication and problem solving skills  
  • Officers have intensive training, first aid and CPR skills that are specific to concierge responsibilities and duties
  • Officers are required to present themselves professionally dealing with residents and tenants because what they do must reflect positively on our clients
  • We will match security officers to your exact needs for Concierge Services

Special Events


  • Special Events large or small.
  • Dedicated, trained professionals with an eye for detail and understand high capacity environments
  • We make sure your property and people are protected and safe

Retail Security


  • High End Clothing, Jewelry, Grocery Stores, Electronics and Computer Retailers
  • Loss Prevention
  • Deter Theft and Vandalism
  • Alert you to unsafe conditions
  • Short and long term coverage available